Sabah is a woman from Khuza'ah, a village located in the Gaza Strip beside the border with Israel. She is a widow and lives there with four of her five children.

"Om Mohammad. Mohammad’s mother" reflects a day in Sabah’s life, director of the local association Beit Almostuqbul, which gives support to women and families of
the village, in a society where there are few possibilities to receive public help.

In an agricultural environment, she and her family have seen their lands and farms being destroyed by Israeli bulldozers to create a "buffer zone" along the entire common border.

In a context of economic shortage, lack of opportunities and limits to freedom of speech, her oldest son, Mohammad, fled to Spain with a status of political refugee
after the "Cast Lead Operation” was conducted by Israel against the Gaza Strip.
Sabah remembers him and prays every day for his return, while she sees how another of her sons, Abdo, desperately wants to escape from the Gaza Strip too.

This intends to be a portrait of the daily life, problems and expectations shared by many women in the Gaza Strip.

This film has been produced by the International Catalan Institute for Peace

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