The video presents a contemporary interpretation of the "Powers of Ten," a 1968 film created by designers Charles and Ray Eames — a journey across the universe from the smallest to the largest and about what happens when you add another zero. The interpretation by 10^10, a new organization which proposes to promote and execute simple design solutions for global problems, offering strategies for effecting exponential change to global humanitarian, social and environmental issues, uses the power of the individual within the collective for local and global impact that is culturally sensitive yet quickly implemented and which has exponential effects.

SEED_Haiti, 10^10's inaugural project envisions providing safe and culturally sensitive housing for thousands of Haitians by repurposing shipping containers into homes with a design that is both affordable and simple to implement.

This video by Brian Miele in collaboration with Dylan Thomas was put together to compete for the Challenge.Core77 reinterpretation of the Powers of Ten film of Charles and Ray Eames. To see the submission in that context, go to: challenges.core77.com/contests/powers-of-10/ideas/623

Footage collected by Brian Miele and Ivi Bilich of Wonderworld TV.

Diagrams by studio 10^10 led by Martha Skinner, and studio SEED led by Douglas Hecker, Clemson University and fieldoffice.

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