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Media in Motion

Exhibition name: are made of this 2
Artist name: dafü®
Curators: Heiko Daxl und Ingeborg Fülepp GbR
Vernissage: 21 January 2000 hrs
Exhibition/Event dates: 22 January – 13 March 2011

Project description:
Employing new technologies, dafü® investigates different, so far unknown optic and acoustic phenomena. The observer’s senses, his hearing, his sight and his touch, are always consciously engaged, irritating his perception. Dafü® shows new ways in the artistic exploration of the technical possibilities of creating sounds and abstract images which force the observer to an integrated reception and seek to make the recipient think about the reality which is imparted to him in an artificial and technical way.

Venue information: active since 1990 in the field of the “moving image”.

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