Here's my submission to the Waves Sound Design Competition 2011!

Here's what I tried to do on my video:

I started the video out with some rumble to give the feeling of being under a race car. As the camera starts to move through the flame you can hear the fire, and u start to hear the race going on, and as the crowd is starting to go wild suddenly they seem to stop. Then the drivers life seems to flash right in front of his eyes, and everything slows down for a second before you realize what happened. When all of the sudden you see that the car is flipped around, and you can hear the pieces flying around, and just a few seconds later you can hear the crash happened in the background as if you are remembering what happened. After the that you go into shock and there's no sound but almost like a ringing in your ear, but just for a few seconds before you realize the race goes on.

With the provided sound effects, I used:

Lo-Air - to created the rumbles
Enigma - to Shape some sounds (like making the Bells sound almost like feedback towards the end along with some pitch shifting)
S1 - on the Crowd to open up the stereo image make it surround you...
Doppler - on some drive by's
H-Delay - on the flashes as well as other things
MondoMod - to make the the pieces fly around a bit more
SoundShifter- for pitchshifting
TransX - To control some transients
Renaissance EQ

And I would have rather used a waves Reverb... but since I was limited to the Sound Design Bundle plug ins and my DAW Native processing tools, I used Pro Tools Reverb "AIR Reverb"

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