No doubt this song deserves a much more greater homage and a way more better video to honor Wilson Pickett's utmost forgotten musical theme of all times and to celebrate the especial significance it has had in my life.

But since this tune does not exist on Vimeo or Youtube and is one of the most "hard to find" songs on the Net or any other place, I've had to make my own "video in a hurry" just to be sure it will be found in the future and will have the right golden pedestal on the Net.

In short I might come back uploading a better video, but in the meantime, please share with me the amazing memories and thoughts this musical spell brings along about what indeed was a magical era.

p.s. For me, even though there are thousands of different musicians versions of this song out there, This always will be The Greatest "Hey Joe" version ever. ;)


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