Submission for Cinema Out of Your Backpack

Integration depicts a youthful man as he deals with psychological changes, which lead him to question the boundaries of reality. He searches for his other half – that of the Shadow, in hopes to realize true harmony through integration.
In this short movie he is depicted as already aware of his Shadow and its role in the human psyche. As his mind becomes more open he is thrust deep into a subconscious realm, ultimately learning the meaning of becoming whole with him self.
If this were a full-length feature the antagonist would be portrayed as an instiller of doubt as he hinders the man on his journey toward integration of the Shadow and achieving true happiness. He is the essence of evil as he goes about whispering words of disdain and planting fearful ideas that delay the man from union with his Shadow.
The Shadow is an archetype that reflects deeper elements of all our psyches.


Youthful Man Troy Stanley
Antagonist Ryan Stanley
Shadow Travis Stanley


Written and Directed by Jared Stanley
Cinematography by Jared Stanley
Producers Jared, Travis, Troy, and Ryan
Special Effects/
Sound/Editing Jared Stanley

Equipment Used: Canon 7D with 28mm prime lens, Rode
shotgun microphone, fabric green screen
Duration: 3:54 min.

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