A House in Bali
Composed by Evan Ziporyn after the memoir of Colin McPhee

Conducted by Evan Ziporyn
Directed by Jay Scheib

Produced by Kenny Savelson, Bang on a Can

"an ingenious and often beautiful fusion of contemporary classical strains and Balinese gamelan" —San Francisco Chronicle

Oct 14—16, 2010, 7:30pm
2010 Next Wave Festival, BAM
Brooklyn Academy of Music


Featuring Bang on a Can All-Stars, Gamelan Salukat with Dewa Ketut Alit, Peter Tantsits, Kadek Dewi Aryani, Desak Madé Suarti Laksmi, I Nyoman Catra, Timur Bekbosunov, Anne Harley, Nyoman Triyana Usadhi (In the video clip above Marc Molomot performs the role of Colin McPhee.)

Choreography by Kadek Dewi Aryani and I Nyoman Catra; Set design by Sara Brown; Costume design by Oana Botez-Ban; Lighting design by Peter Ksander; Sound design by Andrew Cotton; Video design by Jay Scheib and AKA with Alex Koch

The hypnotic sounds of a 16-member Balinese gamelan intertwine with western opera and Balinese singers, traditional dance, live video feeds, and the pulsating post-minimalism of the Bang on a Can All-Stars in A House in Bali, an innovative new opera by Evan Ziporyn, directed by Jay Scheib.

Based on the memoirs of trailblazing composer Colin McPhee, the work re-imagines first contact between cultures in 1930s Bali through the prism of the cross-cultural present. This mixed-media performance follows the course of McPhee's sojourn to Bali, his encounters with anthropologist Margaret Mead and painter Walter Spies, and their ultimately tragic relationship with dancer I Sampih, a Balinese youth whom McPhee mentors after the boy saves his life. Images from 1930s photographs - many by Mead herself - and music of the period - from Bali and from McPhee's own hand - merge with live re-creations and (dis)simulations in this bold study of artifice, connection, and alienation, set at the crossroads of the cultural and the personal.

A House in Bali is produced by Kenny Savelson, Bang on a Can and is made possible by generous support from the NIB Foundation. A House in Bali was commissioned by Real Time Opera with support from the LEF Foundation, the Argosy Foundation, and the The Byrne Foundation, and the NIB Foundation.

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