There's someone I really love
But I must say good-bye to that person.
It's not that we don't love each other anymore.
We're not saying good-bye because we don't love anymore.
But because of a certain situation.
We have to say good-bye.
And while turning away when we turned around
our eyes locked so we ran to each other.
and hug tightly I think this is how we felt.
It's a feeling over the overflowing joy.
It's hard to express it in words.
So many people did not leave their seats and called my name
and the fact that they want to hear me singing again
is a great compliment for a musician.
So for this concert...
and other concerts in the future
I won't over forget that feeling.
So many things happened while preparing for this concert.
A lot of hard things happened.
I think it was more so while preparing for this concert.
It wasn't a smooth process and it was tough
felt down some...
It made all of those feelings disappear.
While doing my music
for any kind of concert to be held
I have the courage to withstand
I think that's the greatest strength for me.

Q. A word about the concert..
Happy and sad. I always feel that way about my concert.
I think it's more so with my concert.
I wish to have done better in many parts
but this is my best effort.
I did my best.
So there's no regret.

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