In the Fall of 2010, Water Missions International undertook a campaign called Gifts of Water. Based on the premise that $10 brings safe water to one person, church congregations and participants online took part in two initiatives. The Ten Challenge and the Team Challenge. They came together as the body of Christ and proved that when we each do a little - together we have a HUGE impact!

Two communities were funded - Jaffna College, Sri Lanka and Malindi, Uganda. There are over 2,000 people in each community.

Installation on the safe water system for Jaffna College has been completed! This is a video of the celebration that took place as well as the children getting their first drinks of safe water. Jaffna College is over 180 years old. This is the first year they have ever had safe water. Generations will be transformed through your gift! Thank you for being involved.

$10 gives one person safe water.
On your cell phone, text WMI to 85944 to change a life.
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