Video used for the last week of the "Planted" series at



This video was played in conjunction with live IMAG footage during the service. It was exported with a click track that was sent to the band to play the song live in sync with the cuts in the video. All of the film effects were luminance keyed and the city shots had an image mask applied to them so that the video could be exported with an embedded alpha channel that would allow the video to play over the live footage being cut during the service.

The time-lapses were shot during a single sunset on February 2nd, 2011. They were compiled with Quicktime 7 and cropped in the Final Cut Pro edit. The panning time-lapse shot from across the river of the city was created using a Kessler Revolution head and Oracle control system to step the camera pan every three seconds.

Shot over three days in Wilmington, NC with Panasonic HVX-200, Canon 7D and 5D Mark II cameras (A small number of shots were from a previous video shoot we had filmed around Wilmington, NC in 2009).

Camera Operators: Zach Burkhart, Joey Connolley, Chris Davis, Millie Holloman, Parrish Stikeleather, Evan Vetter


Director/Editor: Evan Vetter
Music By: Elevation Worship


IMAG Director: Joey Connelley
Switcher: Nick Warkentien
Assistant Director: Doug Haas
Video Playback: Tom Martinez
Live Camera Operators: Victor Benitez, Chris Woehrle, Bobby Layden, James Ruark, Anna Hogelin

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