Spaceman Sound is a recording studio in Brooklyn, NY.

"Live Spaceman" features live recordings and video of artists performing at Spaceman Sound.

Directed and edited by Aleks Gezentsvey.
Cinematography: Jonathan Stromberg, Aleks Gezentsvey
Special Thanks to Kat Spiess, Adam Grass and Jon Stromberg for additional film equipment.

The Gay Blades - "Why Winter in Detroit?"

Guitar / Vox - James Dean Wells
Drums: Quinn English
Keyboard: Michael Abiuso

For more information or to inquire about a project of your own contact us at

Input List:
Kick: Electro-Voice RE20 & custom “lowrider” mic, Snare: Shure SM57 & Electro-Voice M43, Floor Tom: Oktava MK-012, OHs: Neumann km184s, Guitar: (Rivera)AKG 414 & Cascade Fathead, (Peavy)AKG D112, Keys: Telefunken AK47 & Sennheiser e906, James and Mike's vocals: Telefunken M80s, Quinn's vocal: Shure SM58, Room: Electro-Voice lavalier.

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