Documentary about the spanish artist Victor Brossa accompanied by excellent music by Javier Aguilar.

The work of Víctor Brossa is socially engaged by reminding us that the true sacred value of art and for finding the true power in our hearts.

Strongly influenced by the Leipzig school but also by the abstract painting of Gerhard Richter, he melts in his works figuration and abstraction confronting both extremes, harmonizing and complementing them, constructing and depicting scenes that seem to come from parallel dimensions.
The result is a narration, apparently composed by lines and sections where the energy of what is beign created from subtetlies of color texture and forms.

In other cases, what is presented in front of our view are images and symbols that combined seemed to reveal a secret to our subconscious mind.
This is the way of this artist to show us that art is a path of initiation to our inner magic, a path which can free us from our collective amnesia.

There was a time when he perceived the art world as superficial. Art was exalted only as a merchandise. An empty art world where the really essential was forgotten: The sublime, the sacred, the spiritual and above all love where not in trend, so Brossa withdrew to live as a hermit for years devoting to his inner growth and painting.

Now everything has changed. After finding the sacred meaning of art, he decided to create, uniting art and consciousness.

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