Dharma Talk from Thursday February 10th, 2011 in the Upper Hamlet of Plum Village, France.

Verses 33-36 of The Most Peaceful Dwelling Sutra:

33. If you want to completely liberate yourself from fear
and end all internal formations and doubts,
You must know that if you haven't pulled out the arrow of desire,
then you haven't understood yet that this body is suffering.

34. Among the highest things that people call the most divine
Nirvana is the highest.
You must cut off all ideas and attachments
and do not be deceived by words.

35. Knowing how to refrain or not to refrain
that is the highest practice of letting go.
If in our heart there are thoughts of practice
the shell will be cracked.

36. Of all offerings, that of the Dharma is the most precious.
Of all kinds of happiness, that happiness based on the Dharma is the greatest.
Of all strengths, patience is the most powerful
because it can put an end to attachment
and bring the happiness of Nirvana.

Today Thay is speaking in Vietnamese. To listen only in English, listen only to your right earphone, or adjust the balance on your speakers to the right.

Hôm nay Thầy nói tiếng Việt, với bản dịch tiếng Anh trên kênh phải. Để chỉ nghe tiếng Việt, xin điều chỉnh sự cân bằng trên loa của bạn sang trái.

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