"Elvis and Marilyn and Anna Nicole all crept into this song. People don't realize that Anna Nicole loved that old dude. And he loved her back. The family, of course, tied her up in court and cheated her out of what was lawfully hers when her husband died. She did that TrimSpa advert later on, and they also refused to pay her. Said she gave away some of the company secrets. What is she, like a chemist? Shit, they figured no one else has to pay, why should they? I've got a lot of affection for Anna Nicole. So what if she used a fake name to get methadone.

As for the Elvis verse; I once heard (Elvis's long time concierge/sidekick) Sonny West on a talk show, he claims that last tour killed Elvis and that he begged Elvis to cancel, said: 'Come on Elvis, cancel the tour, let's go to Hawaii and pick some coconuts...'

That beautiful 12 string belongs to my old friend Angelo. Shout out to Brad Jones for the vocal arrangement. 25 kids... Christ, I'd have drowned! Brad's got the skills to pay the bills."

-Chuck Prophet

Directed by Danny Plotnick. Soap and Water is available now on Yep Roc Records.

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