this video is based on footage I shot on marine vessel "Portland Senator" on the route from Los Angeles to Shanghai, in December 2008.
let it load. if you don't have patience or don't know me personally, you might not want to watch this.

music by Hammock.
album: Maybe they will sing for us tomorrow
songs: "this kind of life keeps breaking your heart", "we will say goodbye to everyone"

UPDATE: i have uploaded some daily life pictures from the trip here:


how long did the trip last?
it was a total of 17 days, if i remember well. which i'm pretty sure i don't.

did you work on the boat?
no, passengers are not allowed to work.

so what did you do all day then?
i did lots of reading, watched lots of movies, kept an illustrated diary, did a series of illustrations for an art show, and lots, lots of staring at the sea.

how did you get on the boat in the first place?
i contacted the company that owns and operates the ship, they already know what is needed to organize passengers trips. they sent me some documents, i sent them some money, got the necessary visas and just showed up at the Long Beach port where they told me to.

was the food ok?
actually it was pretty good, they even made pizza one day.

did you find bad weather while at sea?
we were going to, but unfortunately the captain decided to steer away from it. next time.

what did you shoot this on?
i used a small consumer mono-chip HD camera.

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