LATEST UPDATES - 2012 international educational schedule will be constantly updated in the upcoming months (bottom of post). thank you.

added boracay, philipines july 2012.

i originally wanted to share this short piece to my colleagues and friends @ infocus 2012; but at the last minute decided to completely change my presentation so i didn't get a chance to do so.

with that said; eventDv magazine has sadly come to an end and i had wanted to thank Steve Nathans Kelly for the many years of service to our industry with his magazine; i had put this in my original presentation as I didn't know he was to make a surprise appearance to be honored during the mid-conference dinner.

nonetheless; here is my acceptance award spot to win a place for 2010 eventDv top 25 international. this award is voted completely by the industry; and 2010 was the final year of this award.

thank you mr. nathan's for the magazine; i've had great fun living the adventures of my colleagues and friends from your graceful pages; and it was even more fun writing in your magazine as well from time to time.

many MANY thanks to the international friends/colleagues and students for taking the time to cast your votes for me.


TECHNICAL + PRODUCTION TIDBITS for my industry friends and colleagues.

"alive // viva la union" used with permission. thank you

i had put this together in dec 2010; and it basically was a mix of my weddings shot that year. i recall being sick as a dog during those cold winter months; and i almost didn't get this piece done.

Thankfully my brother Ray Roman saved a day of my time by throwing me a 'nugget' as the huge database of music presented quite the 'monkeywrench'; with so many songs to choose from.

Romanator had gone through most of the song's and sent me a few that he almost (but didn't) used for his own awards acceptance film.

I reloaded a few old projects (always create a timeline in EVERY PROJECT of some unique sequences worth potentially sharing one day) and put this together in a little over an hour.

In truth, I had no idea if this piece would be seen by anyone as the nominees do NOT know beforehand if they win or not; i never even had a chance to share it here on vimeo.

Low and behold a year later; I get a phone call from a very nice couple in China who had found this film via assessing all the international award winners; and with a little fate and a lot of luck I am now blessed to be documenting a wedding in my home country China; this year in 2012.

even more luckily i will also be shooting and showcasing weddings from singapore, hong kong, hawaii, mexico, and one more destination wedding that i am reserving one final spot for for 2012.


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facebook - michaelywong
if you would like to share films; feel free to add me as a contact ton vimeo. thank you.

looking forward to meeting many of you in the near future as I will be speaking @:

infocus // charleston; south carolina USA // jan 2012
*thank you to my friends, colleagues + students alike for the wonderful reception given to me*

exposed down under // sydney; australia // early july 2012
myw returns to Australia for the first time in 2 years.

mayad academy // boracay; philipines // late july 2012
myw is honoured to share the stage alongside some of Philippines top event/broadcast talent.

FULL 2012 educational schedule will be continuously updated throughout the year.

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