Here is The Romantic, an animated feature film, for you to watch in its entirety, for free.

It took three years to make. There was no budget. It came out weird.

It is a mythological horror about monsters & magic, and it is unlike any animated feature film ever made.

More information and downloads can be found at

Enjoy! And please, if you like what you see, tell your friends and help get the word out! Embed it, blog it, put it on your wall... all would be most appreciated!



Deep within a mythological world of autumn landscapes and wondrous creatures, a heartbroken young Romantic swears an oath to free his race from the omnipotent control of the otherworldly gods. But as he ventures forth on his long and lascivious path, other forces conspire with their own agendas. For when all the gods are dead, who will sit upon their empty thrones? A fantastical satire on religion, responsibility, and romance, The Romantic bends genres into a haunting tale filled with humor and horror.

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