unfortunately I had lost my crew of ravers on a fine friday night on the playa.
Fortunately while roaming counter clockwise along Esplanade from the incredible Nexus and Root Society stages, on a solo mission, to dance some more, my eyes and ears caught a half naked dinosaur playing a stratocaster.

As I drew nearer and through the sparse crowd of about 10 people I was quickly enlightened by the funky psychedelic sounds of this incredible jam band from oakland, CA.

ROOM TO DANCE! and not just to a single DJ playing robot noises from a computer.
for the next hour or so I had the time of my life, with such lovely people and vibrations, high fives and do-si-do's.

At the beginning of the week a few people acquired a couple of their first albums, one of which sat near the pole of our shade structure for the entire week just waiting for me to snag it. of course I had no idea who Antioquia were and found it quite ironic that it was sitting there just for me. Not only that, but my friends played a set at Mystical Mysfits across the playa a few days earlier, right before Antioquia.

I ended up running into Adley and Paul one sunrise at the temple, with my friend Simon.

On our way back, finally to get some sleep, a fellow burner had stopped us, asking if we wanted our minds to be blown(once again). She had a humongous green jade coloured dragonfly on her hand just chillin.

on our way back, paul parted ways and adley followed us. We took a quick stop at the loo to take a leak, which quickly turned into 20 minutes as we waited for Adley, but he never came out.
Only at Burningman do naked dinosaurs pass out in the portapottys. ;D

A big smile strikes my face when I look at my Gringolandia as it sits next to my My piano ate the front page of the san francisco chronicle ;];]

incredibly stoked to catch more than one of their sets this year at RITES OF PASSAGE!

Much love,
SolfegGeoff Taylor

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