It is the year 3032 on the Asteroid Mining Colony of Palrmus IV. Ruled by Commissar Lev Brownsteen, Palermus IV is under investigation by the United Earth Systems for illegal acts of 'time tampering'. Chief Inspector Winnifred Whackerman & Lt. Julius Johnson are dispatched by the UES to seek an explanation (and to teach Madam Pentupp & her daughter, Natasha, some old Earth rituals...). Will the Commissar carry out his diabolical scheme? Will Anson Ricolla and Sparko escape the Giant Neanderthal? Will Karl Marx get his Easter peeps?

Shot over the summer of 2006, Jeff Dodge & Clint Sargent teamed with Brian 'BA' Anderson on this cinematic journey to create a cosmic space tale about galactic love and mystery. Darge dutifully captures the Bardo Bros in this Sci Fi smorgasbord of all things Marxist.

'A Day On The Asteroid'
An Historic Look at Marxism.

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