This week:
• a new church is planned and land dedicated in the central Australian town of Finke/Aputula;
• Bible Society NSW launches its new youth website;
• archaeologists find a 3000 year old granite head of Ramses II north of Cairo, Egypt;
• 55 motorbikes purchased by retired pastor-administrator will assist pastors reach their congregations in PNG, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands;
• the mother of Britney Spears reveals in her new book that she wished she had taught her children about the power of prayer during their nightly prayers;
• Far East Broadcasting Company airs daily programs on health, water wells and the gospel;
• Asian Aid now cares for 8000 poor children in Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka;
• Gideons place 1.3 billion Bibles over 100 years;
• Author launches a chronological version of the four gospels;
• Adventists acquire 103 new low powered FM radio licenses in Australia in the last 2 years;
• Lutheran leaders in Northern Sumatra work with muslim leaders to be better prepared for future natural disasters.

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