To mark our 10th anniversary, Gestalten published Airside by Airside, a celebration of Airside’s decade of design.

Airside by Airside tells the story of the studio’s evolution from loose collection of collaborators to tight-knit team of talented multi-taskers. The book adopts a distinct narrative approach, allowing Airside’s founders, clients, and current and former staff, to tell the studio’s story in their own words.

Rather than just present pages of pretty pictures, we wanted Airside by Airside to be a map for others looking to undertake a similar journey, and all the missteps, wrong turns, and blind alleys of our first ten years are highlighted alongside the successful first steps and subsequent giant strides.

Of course it does also feature pretty pictures. Lots of them. Airside by Airside has 296 full-colour pages showcasing a wide range of self-initiated projects and commercial work for clients such as Coca-Cola, Mastercard, Greenpeace, Sony, and Lemon Jelly.

This profile of Airside was produced by Gestalten to accompany the book—

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