Szebi's an awesome 18 year old Hungarian Wakeboarding prodigy. Lives in Budapest and shreds.
He's been my homie since I can remember.
Szebasztian started riding in Siofok Hungary but got serious at Dunaharaszti where they even held the cable worlds in 06.
It didnt take long until he was travelling all over world visiting most of the sickest cable parks.
Unfortunatly he hurt his shoulder a few weeks ago snowboarding so he couldnt do everything he wanted to in this video, but his style is just always fun to watch.

Last week Red Bull got him to come out and chill at their camp with other Red Bull athletes from all over the world and Pros like JD Webb and Adam Errington.
One of the activites was coming out to Owc and taking a boatset, straight up followed by a cable session. I'm real busy with my last classes at the moment but I still had a little time to go out there and catch him in the act.
I really like the happy/hyper vibe that this edit has.
Cant wait to kick it again dude!

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