The Future is now! Well at least people told us so in the nineties. We were promised jetpacks, Cities floating in the ocean and with the evolving of Ipads & tablets to be liberated from any kind of fixed video format. (hilarious article: and for real:
Since we can’t deliver the rocket backpack we at least bring you the first ever mountainbike tallscreen video. So grab your Tablets, Ipads and Iphones liberate yourself and turn them upside down... Really sorry for the „regular“ monitor users, you can either be true rebells and turn it 90 degrees or get a cup o' tea and enjoy it in a smaller version ;) Now enjoy the video or even better go out & ride!

Thanks to Steffi Reisenauer @ Smartriders
Music: The Glitch Mob / We swarm

Shot on La Réunion Island

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