A weekend project. They gave me the music and with no budget, no time, and no resources I was promptly asked by a producer at a record label to come up with something. He gave me a new artist (Bee-Bop) and three of her tracks to mashup, and my friends (most of whom have never done anything in video before) ran into the woods in 30F-40F foggy weather and came up with this on the spot without even a damn script lol. It was a very fun, challenging weekend. Although, they made me change much of my video, and then ended up discarding it afterward. I don't regret it because it was a good learning experience, made me tougher, and I got to spend wondering bonding time with my friends.

On our way out of town I picked up an old down feather sleeping bag and some kindergarten fingerpaint, hehe...

One of the most interesting things I did in the video was I had to direct the artist over skype from Seattle while she was in London. Very hard but great learning experience. :)

ARTIST: Bee-Bop from The Doll Lab

Locations shot: Duvall, Washington USA; Hampstead Heath, London, UK

Director, Editor - Matthew Brown
Producer - The Doll Lab
Cinematographer - Nathan M. Miller
Additional Camera/Camera Assistant - Nicholas Davis
Lighting Design - Nate Redford
Makeup - Lis Krebs
Choreography - Veronica Mendonca
Production Assistants -
Ian Todd
Jen Dolanski
Rob Alinder
Peter Bergler

Videographer, Location Scout - Peter Ibsen

Tortured Talent, hehe -
Janna Wachter
Dusty Hauck
Garet Tessmer

Special Thank you to Peter Bergler, Brent Haynes, Ian Todd, and Nathan Miller for your patience and generosity on this crazy little weekend. And sorry to the actors for the being in wet paint in the cold woods.

Featured Songs:
"Man On The Bench"
"Mademoiselle Candy"
"Lifetime Kiss"
by The Doll Lab
(Bee-Bop & Peter "Neros" Ibsen)
Produced by: Peter "Neros" Ibsen for Roc Nation

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