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This is the official music video for The Best of the Worst. Enjoy!
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Influences: dillinger four, misery signals, folly, new found glory.
Biography: Conceived as a joke and now taken slightly more seriously, tbotw has been around since the beginning of 2005. 5.5 years and a few extensive tours later we are still kicking and screaming, leaving a storm of shit and sweat wherever we can play. We thrive on crowd participation, if you're at a show, we highly encourage sing-a-longs and pile-ons, it keeps us going. In an age of flashy website layouts, friend adding bots, and shitty pay-to-play shows, we try to keep it as real as we can. Cause honestly, who wants to read tweets about us going fucking grocery shopping?? There's more to music than spammed viral-internet marketing, so get up off your ass and come to a show. Or don't. Either way we'll have a blast. download our 2008 and 2009 ep's for FREE at


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