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Self-Sabotage is a series of narratives for Derek Webb's new instrumental album Feedback. Feedback is a exploration of the Lord's Prayer through three movements of stunningly composed music. Along with the music, elements of art by painter Scott Erickson and photographer Jeremy Cowart were commissioned. The film is a further derivative of art inspired both by the Lord's Prayer and the music.

The film is a personal project co-produced by Scott Brignac, Cody Bess, & Ryan Booth. Your donations will go directly to production costs (hiring crew, actors, gear rental, etc.) to finish the film. About half of the film is already shot and in post-production, but needs funding to finish the final vision.


The team is headed up by Scott Brignac (writer/director). Scott has been directing over the last 10 years in short films, music videos, and commercials. He has won several awards including an Entrepreneur Video award from Cornell University for his "extremely creative and pertinent" work. He recently was a two-time finalist in Canon's "Beyond the Still" contest.

Driving the visual palette is Cody Bess (director of photography). Cody is an accomplished photographer and cinematographer shooting a wide range of subjects from celebrities to fashion.

Also on the team, Ryan Booth (producer/cinematographer) is a talented multi-platform storyteller. He is a writer/director, photographer, and sound engineer. He recently was a chapter winner for Canon's "Beyond the Still" contest which was screened at the Sundance film festival.

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