Misericordia lives in Lima, Peru. Aurelyen filmed this video in the center of Lima. He was walking between old books sellers looking for some treasures when he met those three superheroes and couldn't help taking this instant on camera to share with you the city soul.

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Misericordia is one of the main projects of Latin America and succeed in making this too many times neglected world emerge on the international scene by standing out for avant-gardist thoughts. It is a prestigious clothing brand, which compares itself with no pretension to the biggest and the most famous of the world. Mixing art, social engagement, philosophy and fashion, Misericordia tells the story of a community that grabs the contemporary society to project itself in the future.

Our workshop is located in the middle of Lima. A city that moves to the rhythm of its people that pays attention to the evolution of the world. Closed to artists, cineastes, writers, musicians...who work together to spread the radiant reflection of Lima, we want to feed you with a cultural cross-fertilization of Latin thinking. It is the new "wildness", the rebellion of lost people, who stand out for their place on the free and lively thought scene.

We talk to everyone with the ambition to integrate and to involve those who feel sometimes neglected, to the development of a dream and a shared passion. Together, we live one of the most beautiful fashion adventures, forgetting frontiers and multiplying emotions.

Directed by Aurelyen
Filmed in Lima - 2011

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