MUSIC: Marvy Da Pimp REMIX of "COCO PUFF" by Jasmine Solano.

Available on

Also available in the "COCO PUFF" 1 GO USB Cassette by French Lopez RCDS:

Online at

"French Lopez RCDS is on USB Cassette : An advanced multimedia communication platform. Not just a USB key in the form of an audio cassette, but a digital magazine showcasing the future of tomorrow, today while using a piece of yesterday to support a hit title Music Project. With each release we will bring together creative, informational and journalistic content from visionary artists, brands and collectives. Our aim is to offer with every issue a cover project to bring focus to music and art."

More info:

VIDEO BY: Ilan Rosenblatt

The featured LD 120 speaker/table is available from La Boite Concept more info at

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