I went to "the red stairs" at Times Square, NYC only two days after their opening, and by completely random chance, I met the designer. John Choi, a partner in the firm Choi Ropiha, based in Australia, created the winning entry in a contest that the Theater Development Fund had several years ago to redesign their popular TKTS discount Broadway plays discount tickets booth.

"What inspired you?"

"Times square was a cathedral without seats..."

The old booth was made out of canvas, but the new one is all glass, and features a large red staircase that is open to the public. Anybody can climb the stairs to get an outstanding view of the entire times square area. It is a delightful place to be. It used to be that there was no place to go and just take in the sights of times square, but now that the stairs are there, I'm sure millions will visit and enjoy.

I would like to note that i seriously am disliking my casio ex-f1. The camera really doesn't do a good job. it does not even allow for manual focus while filming. The autofocus while filming is miserable, often repeatedly rolling in/out of focus thus ruining just about any shot you make. There is also a lot of noise, and often the colors are not accurate.

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