Placed on Vimeo because I cannot keep up with the DVD requests (or the costs of sending them out for free), so here they are: the Sea Shepherds chasing the Japanese and Taiwanese drift net fleets in an epic confrontation in '94. Also contains footage of the Norwegian whaler scuttled by the SSCS and for which action Paul Watson went to prison. Plus archive footage of rammings and other actions, even footage of Paul W's experience at the Siege of Wounded Knee.

This is a slightly different take on the Shepherds from that shown on 'Whale Wars'. Oh, and Peter Brown is not the character he is re-edited to be on that series.

(Notes for the pros:

Shot on Super-16mm. Principal cinematographer: Richard Edwards. Sound: Sean Taylor. Additional camera: Peter Brown, Andrew Hartley and Mark McKillop and I was the dope who climbed the mast to get the high-angle shots of the ship - hand-held Beaulieu 16mm. Editor: Mike Eustace. I also was the director/producer.

For more info and reviews check it out at:

Uploaded from a 4x3 DVCAM copy from DigiBeta, so apologies for the quality. Wish I had a 16x9 show print.)

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