A music video for Gathered Ghosts.

The song is "Some Dreams" and is set to be released as part of a collection of Gathered Ghosts demos later this year. The video was filmed in the West End of London in January 2011 and features a stellar performance from Bryan Hands and Hannah Vincent.

There are numerous people to thank for their help throughout this process which was first set in motion many months ago. Firstly there is Bryan and his partner, Andrew Aiken, Jem Parks for being a guru, Tokyo Diner and their customers even though they didn't make the cut, Matt Rozier etc, Hannah for putting up with constant viewings, Javier for the wonderful song to work with and Chris for asking me to do it etc.

The rest of the demo collection is as good as this or better and the newer recordings are as good as Bryans performance.

The video was directed and edited by Babysweet.

For more information and films visit: babysweetsessions.com

For more music and information about Gathered Ghosts visit myspace.com/gatheredghostsmusic

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