We ramp up the Red Bull and alcohol intake for episode 5 as we welcome author, musician, and global fly fishing angler Chris Santella to the show.

In this episode: We share some brews and talk to our friend Chris Santella about his highly successful series of books. Dave promises to get his ear pierced live on the next podcast, we kick off our Hero Shots Gone Wrong contest, highlight some STF swag, down some awesome craft brew, and have a live Skype jam session!

* Special thanks to Jim Whitwere for the awesome craft beer!
* Find Chris Santella at chrissantella.net
* Buy his book here!

For those that want shorter shows, this episode is definitely not that! Here are some cue points for the highlights.

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2:50 Sponsored by Beer

9:50 STF Swag

10:25 HSGW Contest

16:20 Introducing Chris Santella

36:00 Thing-a-ma-bobber earings

40:40 Live Performance of the Tug is the Drug!

44:45 Awesome drunken high five!

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