An interview with the artists, Chris Silva and Lauren Feece
before their show at Taller Peurtorriqueño's Lorenzo Homar Gallery. The show is currently up until Feb. 26, 2011

Chris Silva is known for his public murals and grand scale graphic images in mosaics, metal, paint and street art works all over the streets of Chicago. Lauren Feece is a painter whose iconographic styled portraits are flourished with bright colors, splashes of
paint, and decorative floral elements.
Rubber Swords, Lovers & Fighters is inspired by the quote from Mary Hirsch: “Humor is a rubber sword - it allows you to make a point without drawing blood” and relates to the use of humor in the recent collaborations of Silva and Feece.
The “Lovers” element makes reference to their decision to produce collaborative work, together and with friends - to make work that moves further away from egocentricity and promotes working harmoniously to create true integrity-rich beauty and positive change in the world (a continuing theme in their work). “Lovers & Fighters” together refers back to “Rubber Swords” and their efforts to fight societal dysfunction in a light and loving manner. Tough love.

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