About Me:
I'm a Cinematographer from beautiful Southern California, where the sun always shines and the crafty table is always full. I'm a pretty easy going guy who loves to light. I'm a bit of a gear-head but I guess what cinematographer isn't haha. I enjoy the challenge that each production brings, knowing that what I do today is not what I'll be doing tomorrow. Some other things you should know about me; I enjoy traveling, cooking, and taking long walks to the grip house :P

About This Reel:
Like every reel, they are always a work in progress! This cinematography reel pulls together just some of the production's I have been lucky enough to be the cinematographer on. The production's range from music videos, shorts, commercials, and concept work. I use a variety of cameras and formats and choose the one that best suits the needs of the script and budget.

If you are interested in hiring me for a production or just wanted to say hi, my contact information is listed below! :)

Justin Aguirre

Photography Website

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