The Peter-Zone, a parody of The Twilight Zone, tells the story of one man's dream to dance with a woman out of his league.

Written By
- Alan Peterson with Evan Fonseca

Based on the comedy of Alan Peterson

- Kyle Kuchta

Director of Photography
- Steve Darby

The Man - Evan Fonseca
Alan - Alan Peterson
Dejuan - Kenny Consor
Tyler - Greston Gill
Angel Rodriguez - Jamie Peraza

- Kyle Kuchta
- Max Davis
- Mike Smiroldo
- Wilson Tse
- Ayinde Emers
- Andra "Diverze" Kenner
- Holly Moulis
- Darius Peña
- Jocelyn Salala
- Lizzy Scafuto

- Wilson Tse

Key Grip
- Dan Blackson

Music Supervisor
- Kyle Kuchta

- Steve Darby

Make-Up Artist
- Sam Myers

Production Photographers
- Kayla Rice
- Talia Roth

- "Code of Love" and "Cold Crush"
by Height with Friends
- "Idiosyncratic"
by SymmeTry
- "Shake It Like a White Girl"
by OH SNAP!!
- "French Song (Nite Club Remix)"
by Tayisha Busay
- "Twilight Zone"
by Maurius Constant

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