At the crack of dawn every morning, Mark and Dave hit the streets of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to do the “Rig Dig.” “Rig Diggers” are people who previously used illicit drugs or still do. They take on the task of collecting discarded syringes, distributing safer drug supplies and offering support to their peers. The “Rig Dig” has become a crucial service for people who use drugs ever since the city’s only fixed-site needle exchange was evicted in May 2008.

This short documentary follows Dave and Mark as they navigate the city streets, voice their views on drugs, health and poverty, and share their stories.


Special thanks to Dave Mac Main, Mark Johnson, Susanne Porter-Bopp, Kirk Schwartz and Kim Toombs. Thank you to Harm Reduction Victoria, Media Net (Ecodocs), the Society of Living Intravenous Drug Users (SOLID) and the Victoria Public Interest Research Group (VIPIRG).

Please consider getting involved with the struggle for rights and justice for people who use drugs in Victoria, Coast and Straits Salish Territories, BC. The groups listed below are looking for support, solidarity and donations.

The Society of Living Intravenous Drug Users (SOLID):

The Beddow Centre (the Victoria Harm Reduction Resource Centre):

Harm Reduction Victoria:

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