"Kis Gabor: The Man Who Left" is a mockumentary about fictional avant-gard video artist Kis Gabor and his life and works in the 60s in Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

Presented at
The Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, "Invisible Cities" exhibition, Salonica, 2012
RE-culture Patra / MOVING IMAGE 2, 2012
ET-1 Greek National Television, "Mona-Zyga, Dika Sas" program, 2011

Written and directed by Andreas Vakalios
Translated and narrated by Kostas Vakalios
Schwarz Anna: Eva Kerti
Dr. Nagy Otto: Thodoris Kanakis
Young Schwarz Anna: Fili Olsefski
Production Assistants Thanasis Kanelopoulos, Andreas Kanakis

Music: Morton Feldman "For Frank O' Hara" and Illes "Az elso villamos"

Photos of Kis Gabor from the director's personal archive
Prague's old Townhall photo by D. Kosak - Orbis Praha
Photo of Alexander Dubcek from formaementis.wordpress.com/2010/01/05/on-this-day-january-5-1968/
Photo of Milos Forman from listal.com/viewimage/472226
Photos of May 1968 in Paris from melbournecinematheque.org/2008/specials/cinema_68.html and Bruno Barbey/Magnum Photos
Prague's video from "The unbearable lightness of being" by Philip Kaufman and youtube.com
Budapest's videos from youtube.com
Jancso Miklos interview from the documentary "Beszelgetes Jancso Miklossal, 2008 nyaran" - youtube.com/watch?v=foup1JNZAlA

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