In August of 2010, I traveled with an extraordinary group called the Readers of Homer to Kos, Greece - the birthplace of Hippocrates. TROH is a non-profit literary organization that produces daylong and all-night readings of the Odyssey and the Iliad, demonstrated that with imagination and acute attention to details Hellenic culture can make a strong impact around the world.
The magnificent words of the great Greek poet, arguably the founder of all Western Literature, were interspersed with fascinating musical and dance interludes through the night and past the sunrise.
Founder Kathryn Hohlwein set the tone when she spoke of “veterans returning from the experience of war,” reading the Odyssey with a “stunning immediacy and relevance, ” she said, adding that people who experience combat trauma know the difficulty of trying to become re-integrated into civil society and “coming home.”
Among other languages, readers have sung, chanted and read the works in Arabic, Greek, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Flemish, German and Japanese.
The event was sublime, profound, and deeply healing for all involved.

Shot and Edited by Charles Berkowitz

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