2010 was the best year yet in skateboarding for me. I went on 4 major tours last last year and had the time of my life on each. This clip is just some leftovers and second angles from two of the tours: Girl & Chocolate's 'Bratwurst Tour Ever' and Lakai's 'Lakai Voltage'.

Special thanks to Ty Evans, Feds, Rick Howard, Sam Smyth, Kelly Bird, Mathieu Tourneur, and everyone on the tours for making it the best time ever.

Skaters in order of appearance:

Sean Malto
Eric Kosten
Cory Kennedy
Raven Tershy
Marc Johnson
Lucas Puig
Vincent Alverez
Cairo Foster
Daniel Espinoza
Brandon Biebel
Guy Mariano
Kenny Anderson
Lem Villemin

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