A brief glimpse at my short film "Fucking Is The Only Prayer"

Flesh is our heaven. Right here. Right now.

Some people say "My body is a temple." I believe the body is the only temple.

There is only our minds and our bodies. This moment of touch, this instant of emotion. Right here, right now.

Only this breath, only this shared sensation. Only this flesh, alive with pleasure. Your body and my body, skin and bones and heart and blood and tingling nerves.

No need for charms, for chants, for hymns, for repentance or confession.

Fucking is the only prayer that works.

A film by Ms. Naughty
Nominated for a Feminist Porn Award 2011

Official selections:
Cinekink New York 2011
Painted Licks and Lolly Licks Canada 2011
Sexy International Film Festival Australia 2011

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