Arctic Opening (Fenêtre arctique) is a recent installation by fabric | ch, curated by Seconde Nature (curator: Pierre-Emmanuel Reviron) that we installed on the Frioul Islands near Marseille, in the context of the Festival MIMI (Festival des musiques innovantes et actuelles).

The aim of the project was to let appear a "second day" made of a large artificial lighting, between Marseille's sunsets and sunrises, when everything became dark and quiet on the islands. This illumination had its source up north, beyond the polar circle, where the sun shines 24 hours long during summer. Thus the continuous day of the arctic summer was transported to the shore of the Mediterranean Sea during a few nights.

Arctic Opening lit up a zone of the arid landscape of the Frioul close to an industrial ruin, channeling a fictional catastrophic future of an Arctic Ocean free of ice with the present of this Mediterranean island, already surrounded by sea routes and heavy tourism. The result became a metis landscape, all nights long: an arctic Mediterranean, remote day at night.


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