I-Weather as Deep Space Public Lighting was exhibited during the 2010 01SJ Biennial in San Jose (San Francisco Bay Area, CA, September 4-19, 2010). It was curated by Steve Dietz and assistant curator Jaime Austin.

I-Weather as Deep Space Public Lighting proposes a critical use of I-Weather (an open source artificial climate created in 2001 by Philippe Rahm and fabric | ch: i-weather.org) as a model for a metabolic public lighting source, distributed and synchronized through an imaginary Deep Space Internet (as planned by NASA since 2008) into the confined and conditioned environments of space exploration vehicles or into speculative public spaces of “distant colonies”.

What could a public space offer in 2010? How could public lighting --an old technology... that still defines most part of the public space at night-- evolve? What is the nature of space in Outer Space, is it public, private? If it is a public space -- by now, space exploration has been mostly supported by public fundings... --, could we light it up with a public and open source artificial climate, distributed through a new type of Internet? These were some of the ideas we tried to adress through this installation.

PDF: fabric.ch/pdf/47_iwadspl_m.pdf

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