roboScan is a 3D modeler + scanner that uses a Kinect mounted on a ABB4400 robot arm. Motion planning and RAPID code are produced in Robot Studio and Robot Master. This code sends movement commands and positions to the robot as well as the 3D position of the camera. C++ and openFrameworks are used to plot the depth data of Kinect in digital 3D space to produce an accurate model of the environment.

This work was done by Shawn Sims and Karl Willis as the first project of the research group Interactive Robotic Fabrication at Carnegie Mellon University. This project was also presented in Golan Levin's sp2011 course Interactive Art + Computational Design. The facilities of the Digital Fabrication Lab in the School of Architecture were used in the making of this project.

Shawn Sims
Karl Willis
CoDe Lab

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