Neurospasta (Greek word usually translated as “puppets”, which means “string-pulling”, from nervus, meaning either sinew, tendon, muscle, string, or wire, and span, to pull), is a game without any defined objective or goal, but rather a platform for experimentation and play. Players can control their own puppet. They can also select 3 functions(Scale body, Repel head, Switch head) to control the other player's avatar.

In terms of software, we used Open NI for the skeletal tracking and OpenFrameworks for the UI and texture mapping.

*For future consideration, Neurospasta would include a larger selection of manipulation functions and in an ideal environment would be able to capture and generate avatar textures for accommodating new player identities.

music "ich bin Schnappi"

Huaishu Peng [ | ]
Charles Doomany [ ]

Special thank to
Golan Levin

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