Choice International
We believe that whatever our differences may be, we all deserve a better quality of life.

Choice International is a non-profit UK based international development organisation.

There is a need to create a deeper sense of commitment and mutual respect based on shared values of fairness. Equality and human rights become increasingly important as our communities become more diverse.

Inequality exists if age, disability, gender, race, religion and belief, sexual orientation or transgender status is treated as an indicator of disadvantage.

Our mission at Choice International is to tackle issues arising from disadvantage and discrimination by providing professional and pragmatic solutions to address these issues.

Summary of our objectives:

To raise awareness within the public, private, government and NGO sectors in equal opportunities and human rights.
To campaign against inequality and violation of human rights.
To develop and implement trainings, best practice, guidance and other advisory services for the compliance and promotion of equality, diversity and human rights.
To conduct research in equality, diversity and other relevant issues and publish the results.
To develop and implement development projects to improve the quality of life for disabled and other vulnerable people.
To develop and implement partnership capacity development projects with disabled people’s organisations (DPO), other minority groups and other relevant organisations.
To ensure Choice International, as an employer, demonstrates excellent equality and management practices throughout all of its activities.
Develop Volunteer Services for equality, human rights and development.

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