Music/Lyric: Kevin CMC
Arrangement: JASON @ 100 PLUS MUSIC
Vocal: Eva Sio
Director: JQ

你有錯過的事嗎?一些事、一些說話還是一些人。未來的自己可能已是白髮斑斑 滿面蒼桑的老人。回憶過去可能是美好可能是內疚。愛總有期限,但愛可能亦沒有期限。最珍貴的畫面能永遠回味,但回不到當初想說我愛你的那一天 。

Have you ever regret for any person or happenings or conversations in your life? Your memories may be beautiful but may be also sad when you become an old person with white hair and wrinkles in the future. Love may have an expiry date, that the most precious scene can only be recalled from your mind.




This video is one of the artworks of the INFINITY project.

Pls visit the above link of the INFINITY site to enjoy all the different types of artworks created by artists from different places, that speaks their ideas and concerns about future, thanks.

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