"On the plains, I am always elsewhere, in an elsewhere that is floating, fluid.
Being for a long time absent from myself and not nowhere present, I am too inclined to attribute the inconsistency of my daydreams to the wide open spaces that include them."

Henri Bosco, Hyacinthe

The "Lake Copais Co. Ltd" buildings were constructed in Aliartos of Viotia in the mid-19th century and became property of the Greek state in 1953. The buildings that housed the headquarters and the residences of the English employees are spread around on a 28-acres field that also was a model botanical garden.
By a decree that the Ministry of Culture issued in 1991, they were identified as historical and preserved buildings. A restoration and development program for selected buildings started in 1994 but since then there was no maintenance and the whole area is now in decline.
The documentary aims to raise awareness on the area and persuade the owner of the property (Greek Ministry of Rural Affairs) to allow the municipality to maintain and develop the area.

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