Anderson, Indiana (February 25, 2011) – The Madison County Humane Society is once again undertaking a project that is now in its third year. This event is to help raise money to help care for the over 100 dogs and cats they house daily. This year Jason "Jonezy" Jones has accepted this mission to help bring much needed money in and to help make it possible to continue the courageous work the Madison County Humane Society has done for so many years.

During my visit on Friday I spoke with Jason and the Madison County Humane Society’s new adoption coordinator, Jenna Brammer, about what the shelter needs on a day-to-day bases for the pets they have there. She said that more than anything they need money donations. Other things that are always greatly appreciated are items like blankets and towels. Pet foods are also they need plenty of at the shelter.

“Sleep Like A Dog” is what they have named this event this year. Jason will be staying at the shelter the entire month of March with the wards he takes care of every day.

Their goal for 2011 is to try and raise $20,000 which will go toward the day-to-day expense of keeping their homeless pet’s cared for.

The past two events like this that the Madison County Humane Society held was created by their former adoption coordinator Rhonda Estes who started these in 2008. She undertook theses challenges as a way to provide the best environment possible for the pets while they await their forever home.

While $20,000 may seem like a lot of money it actually does not go very far when you are taking care of the number of pets they care for at their facility. In 2009 the cost of keeping the shelter fully operational was $17,000-$20,000 each and every month.

The Madison County Humane Society is one of Indiana’s finest shelters. One thing that sets them apart of other area shelters is they are a no-kill facility. Pets that come into their care have a home for as long as they live should they not find their forever home outside the shelter.

You can make your donation by visiting them in person, by mail, or by calling them. The Madison County Humane Society is located at 2219 Crystal Street in Anderson, Indiana. Their phone number is (765) 644-6484.

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