A series of staged fauxtographs reenacting the History of the American Funeral Industry. The second in a series of videos documenting the life of a mortuary professional as she sets out to revolutionize the death industry one corpse at a time. For more info: orderofthegooddeath.com

The Players: Mara Zehler, Caitlin Doughty, Jonathon Anthony, Jean Luc Dushime, Matthew Montgomery, Alex MacKenzie, Gray Chu, Lisa and Kelly Royere.

Special Thanks to Heather Gildroy, Carl Sondrol, Ross Conklin, Garen Tolkin, The Allied Crafts Coalition, and Eliot Rausch.

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Short Work for Harpsichord
by soundcloud.com/ThisCloudBoy

For Harpsichord, Trumpet, and Organ
by soundcloud.com/ThisCloudBoy

by soundcloud.com/ariarostami

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