My entry for the Waves Sound Design Suite competition... really enjoyed using the Suite, loads of great creative tools. I kept a record of all the general steps I took to arrive at my final design...

Opening Credits - part of scca racing file with extreme low pass filtering with Q1 a number of times to eliminate all frequencies above 300Hz. Then put through MetaFlanger with a very low depth and then tweaked tape delay and rate till got the engine timbre to the sound. This then led into the bed of engine noise for the start of the race.

Hot brakes - CrushMetalAut file edited, layered and bounced. Then through L3-LL Ultra with loud and proud preset which gave the sound extra bite. Then parallel tracked with one track pitched down with Soundshifter a little to thicken.

Engine noises - Scca Racing file - pitched and time shifted multiple times with Soundshifter offline then sent to 2 MondoMod sends with varying Sweeper preset settings to give the engine running sound.
Puma growl with variable Soundshifter rates to create a rev effect then passed through RenBass to give distorted beef.
Few revs taken from Scca Racing then joined together and into Doubler 4 with Dark Big brother preset tweaked slighty. Then into Soundshifter with vary shift to produce increasing rev cadence, then into MondoMod with x100 setting on Hz and BPM and slight FM depth to give nice engine roar.
Engine ticking over sound before zoom into wing mirror - End of growl edited and into MondoMod with Sweeper preset setting then FM depth down very low with a triangle waveform.

Flames - Snoring edited down to make constant then MondoMod with 100x on the Hz and BPM link on Sweeper setting to give nice sweetener.

Announcement - Slow flange through Metaflanger to give the wind effect of distant sound followed by Supertap Delay to give the echoing off the concrete effect.

Zoom into wing mirror - Gnat flyby into Enigma with Mushroom Therapy preset tweaked down in decay time then blended with original to give nice tail. Bullet impact wood then blended into attack with a C4 upward compression preset.

Flashbulbs - Flashbulb file into Multitap delay with 6 delays programmed in quick succession with chorused reflections preset. Then separately this file time stretched twice and pitch shifted down once then reversed and put straight after original file giving the flash effect to the helmet shot.

Pre-crash - ice crack through GTR Toolrack with clean rhythm preset then C4 with Pensado BM Backs preset giving disturbing crackle.

Crash - Tire screeches edited and firstly baked with supertap delay chorused reflections preset with added feedback then parallel layered with the same file but with Metaflanger Doubler preset and Morphoder Dark shadow preset with Warmpad synth and carrier level reduced slightly.
Windshield impact time stretched then layered back with original attack over the top to retain the impact intensity. Then layered again with a the time stretched file through a Multidelay with big variations in multidelay times.
Stone impact sound layered with a pitchshift to beef up.

High rev engine of car in the air - Claxon sound timestretched then layered with previous engine growl created then through the L3 Ultramaximizer for extra growl

Slow Motion after crash - Churchbell into GTR Toolrack with Sprayburst preset slighty tweaked to give feeling of time suspension.

Sounds into other car and on to credits - Enigma with a variety of presets used with a pitched down windmill sound to create a stretched soundable before the zoom into the other car's perspective. Wind chimes preset then EQ'ed with LinEQ Broadband reducing lower frequencies.
Cymbal reversed then through GTR Rack with Tremalot preset.

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